The Beginning of Something New

Greetings from St. George, UT—where it’s sunny and 70º EVERY DAY. Yep. It’s February. I know.

A few years back, I had a small desire to give living outside of South Dakota a try. Nothing permanent. Nothing long-term. Just something to say I did once, you know? I love my home state, and will always call it home, but I just wanted to try other places—to get out and enjoy a little more of God’s creation than the divided highway I took to work everyday. Travel helps you appreciate where you come from right?

As a few years passed, my relationship status changed, living situation shifted, and desire to travel grew, I finally arrived at what felt like an ideal time to sell most of my belongings, move out of my rental in Sioux Falls, stash what I did keep in every nook and cranny of my parent’s house (thanks mom and dad!), and hit the road with a Jeep’s-worth of possessions and my trusty best pal Rascal.

And that brings me to where I am today—sitting here, overlooking a pool, palm trees, and mountains from my current home base. When I’m asked why I chose St. George…it’s the weather, of course! 😉 On top of that, though, I chose this lovely city of 50,000 because it felt like a safe start. Not too big, not too small. A hearty mix of college kids and retirement communities. I can confidently say I haven’t regretted my choice.

My goal was to keep this short, so I’ll wrap it up for today. As a part of this experience, I’ve committed to bringing my photography skills back in focus, so with that, I leave you with a few shots from the journey here.

Grand Canyon National Park


My mom joined me for the multi-thousand mile journey through wind, sun, snow, to St. George.
My mom joined me for the multi-thousand mile journey through wind, sun, and snow, to St. George. She flew home a week later.


P.S. For those wondering where I’m headed next… I finally know the answer to that question! Last week I booked a place right on the ocean in Oceanside, CA. It’s tiny, it’s expensive, but you only live once, right? 🙂

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  1. I am a little jealous, but I am also very excited for you. I can see a book of photographs by Emily Robinson in your future. I wish you the best on this new journey. Take care and keep me posted.

    1. Haha thank you! Come on out and we can take a photography field trip! Tell class it’s road trip day 😛 If it’s as fun of a group as was in my class, I bet they’d be all over it haha

    1. Oh wow! I’ll be heading there tomorrow! I hear the weather isn’t going to be near as delightful as St. George 🙁

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