Hittin’ the Road with my Honey

I write this within the final hours of our 3,500-mile (85 driving hours) honeymoon journey.

As many already know, Ted and I are the road-tripping type, so the fact that we chose to road trip to Tennessee—one of the few states I had yet to visit—probably didn’t come as much of a surprise. After taking Sunday to spend with family, we left the Monday after our wedding. We took it easy and stopped in Kansas City for some Jack Stack BBQ and Insomnia Cookie (a throwback to our engagement trip in NYC… someone please open one of these in the Midwest!) and called it a day.

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Some Beach, Somewhere

Long overdue and much anticipated as I’m sure this post is (ha), I am finally carving out a few hours to pen a few details about my stay in Hawaii.

For those who may not know, in the month of February (brrrr!) I had a trip planned to visit my long-time friend Traci for a three-week tropical adventure (you might recognize this girl from my trip to Alaska). My stay began with one week on the island of Oahu—during which I worked and Traci finished her last week of a pharmacy school rotation—followed by two weeks in Maui. February never felt so good 🙂

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There’s No Place Like Home for the Holidays

I was going to send everyone a fun Christmas postcard using this photo but I just didn’t get the chance to get it done. SO I just want to take this opportunity to wish you a blessed New Year! 🙂

It was a bit over a month ago now that I left the heavy accents of the Northeast behind. Guess I’m starting off the new year still catching up from the last. But, I figure, better to post late than never!

My last post left off after my stay in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. From there, I made tracks to Bowers Beach, Delaware, a small coastal town in the central part of the state where there’s only one blinking traffic light and the houses are on stilts (after a quick stop at the Pez Factory in Orange, Connecticut). I was blessed to have a few friendly faces visit my Delaware home base, starting with my friends you heard about earlier during my stay in Maine. Since I was within a few hours of their home in Maryland, they were able to pop over for a long holiday weekend. During this time, we took the opportunity to spend a day in Philadelphia.

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‘Scape of the Cape

Although I headed a bit farther south, I certainly did not escape the accents of the Northeast in Cape Cod.

I spent just shy of two weeks in West Yarmouth enjoying the pace of a summer hotspot after the crowds had dispersed for the season. I could hear the ferry whistle as it departed for Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard multiple times a day, and occasionally strolled down to the Lewis Bay shoreline a couple blocks away to watch the boats pass. While I had a lot of work to accomplish, I did manage to sneak away for some great day trips on the weekends.

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Driving Mah Caaah to Mainah

As I sit here fighting my old lady tendencies to now go to bed at 9PM Eastern Time (yes, I assure you, I’m 25 years old), I feel the desire to add more photos to the World Wide Web!

With fall coming, I figured it was about time I put a few more miles on my Jeep to be sure and drive it out of warranty before year’s end. 😉 My first stop was to Owatonna, MN, and then Coloma, MI (twice in one year—a record!) to visit family. Family time is ALWAYS time well-spent in my book! From there I continued east for some legendary Northeast fall foliage.

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