Southern Cali Livin’

California is uncharted territory for me.

It feels different in a way I can’t quite describe. Everybody always says ‘Be careful! You’re in Cali now!’ which finally seeped into my mind at the moment I crossed the border. I suddenly felt very unsure of myself. So many people, so much traffic—and this is the off-season. It’s a lifestyle quite different from any I’ve ever lived. But, with time, I’ve gotten used to life and the view from up here (view from my rental above).

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St. George: A Vast and Varied Desert Town

Gosh. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I’ve been putting off this post. I’m just not quite sure how to adequately capture my month in St. George.

I’m convinced I’ll be hard pressed to find a more beautiful, topographically-diverse area. I can’t go get groceries without catching views of snow-strewn vistas, vibrant red cliffs, and craggily badlands. And if the views and weather weren’t enough, the people were definitely the icing on the cake.

Anyway, I think you get the point that I’m pretty much in love with Utah. So, with that, let’s get on with some pictures and stories.

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The Beginning of Something New

Greetings from St. George, UT—where it’s sunny and 70º EVERY DAY. Yep. It’s February. I know.

A few years back, I had a small desire to give living outside of South Dakota a try. Nothing permanent. Nothing long-term. Just something to say I did once, you know? I love my home state, and will always call it home, but I just wanted to try other places—to get out and enjoy a little more of God’s creation than the divided highway I took to work everyday. Travel helps you appreciate where you come from right?

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